CGS at St. Pat’s

Spring 2023

LEVEL 1 (ages 3-6)*

Monday 3 – 5pm

(The first 4 weeks we will only meet from 3-4pm)

The atrium is located on the second floor of the Parish Office.

*If you would like to have your child attend, but they don’t exactly meet the 3-6 age requirements they may still be able to attend based on availability. Please contact to learn more.


Space is limited in the atrium and we will only be able to accommodate a small group of children this year. Prior to registration, we would like families to consider their unique circumstances to decide if the timing is right to begin Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. It is paramount that children are given the amount of time that is necessary for them to enter into deeper moments of meditation. The ideal amount of time for children to spend in the atrium is 2-2.5 hours. There is a significant commitment required on behalf of the child’s family to ensure that the child attends regularly. Much work is done, especially in the first weeks, that is crucial to the harmony of the child and the group in the atrium. We hope every family who wants to have their child to participate will be able to, but we do ask that you carefully consider if this is a commitment your family is ready to make.

Materials Needed to Attend

To maintain a retreat-like environment it is preferred that the children wear only socks or a pair of slippers while in the atrium. Each student will have their own storage space directly outside of the atrium to leave a dedicated pair.  The child’s slippers or socks should not be a distraction in the atrium. Only neutral or muted colors and please, please, please no cartoon characters or loud designs, etc.

We encourage the children to either bring or leave a water bottle to use while in the atrium. They will be able to wash and fill it as part of their time in the atrium. Please pack a small snack for your child. We won’t have a specific break time, but we would like the option to be available.

Suggested Material: When we present Baptism to the child, it is a beautiful addition to have a photo of the child from their baptism. Please consider bringing in a copy if able.

Observation and Assistance

The most important tool we can use as a catechist or as a parent is observation. When we set our minds to observe the work of the child, if we actively work to remove our preconceptions and just be present, amazing things begin to happen. We can not stress enough the importance of cultivating this skill in the atrium and in the home. After the first few weeks of meeting have passed in the atrium we encourage the important adults in the child’s life (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) to come and observe at least once during the course of a year. All guests who would like to visit the atrium more than one time will need to complete the online safety-training Virtus.

In the atrium an assistant is needed to ensure that the catechist is able to work with each child individually. No experience necessary all training is provided. This position requires no additional work outside of the time in the atrium. If you or someone you know may be interested in this volunteer position please have them contact our catechist, Kait Patterson at  503-741-0980.