Spring 2023 – CGS Level I

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Thank You & First Day of CGS on Monday, March 6th!

Thank you ALL for everything this past week. Thank you for bringing your child to orientation! Thank you for coming and sharing your faith journey and experience with me. Thank you for sharing the hopes you have for your child in CGS. I treasure all your kindness and be assured I am praying for each of you.

A little bit of housekeeping before we begin on Monday!









Use the button to see our calendar for Lent/Easter. The information will be updated by the Monday of the session on the calendar. Right now, it is just a general idea of what we will do and when this spring. In addition to what we will do- I will have some ideas to apply the CGS methods at home. I hope these are helpful!

  • Observations

I encourage anyone who plays an important role in your child’s faith formation to come and observe in the atrium. The best time will be when we transition to the 2 hour session, but you are welcome to come before then. Use the button to reserve time slots to observe. They are in half hour increments, but you are welcome to sign up for two slots per session. Anyone who plans to visit more than one time will need to complete Virtus safety training. Thank you for taking this step to help us maintain a safe environment for our children.


  • Important Dates

The following dates we will have celebrations in the atrium. I will need additional volunteers these days to coordinate the different elements of the celebration. Typically we will end this time with a special celebratory treat for the children- please advise if your child has any food allergies. If you can help with the treats or as a volunteer, please let me know asap.

Monday, April 10th – Liturgy of Light Celebration

Monday, May 22nd – Pentecost Celebration

  • Photography in the Atrium

We ask that there is no photography in the atrium or of group celebrations. It is so beautiful to witness these moments and it is difficult to not want to capture the moment.  We must remind ourselves that the child’s experience in CGS goes beyond work and play, this is the child’s personal religious experience. Our privilege as adults is to protect and support the child’s experience. By keeping our phones put away, it allows us to be truly present in the moment to experience communal prayer with the children – which is such a gift for all of us. Additionally, remaining present gives us the opportunity to model reverence for the children.

With that said, due to the fact that this is an adorable group of kids, I am considering have a “show and tell” opportunity at the end of the year for a family photo-op. We will schedule this for a time outside of their sessions- date TBD.

  • Photo/Video/Art Release Forms– (YES, I realize the irony of this next one! haha)
    Many times children will process and synthesize information in their drawings and they can be quite profound. There is so much for us to learn as adults from the child’s art in CGS. Often CGS will publish the children’s art on their publications for catechists around the world to contemplate. Please consider signing the release form so that I can share your child’s drawings. Additionally, if we do a “show and tell” photo session – I would love to have your permission to share with CGS photos of your child in the atrium and to use them for St. Pat’s promotional use for CGS. Please consider signing a release form. They are located at the top of the stairs in the Church Office.
  • Drop off / Pick up
 At dismissal St. Pats students will walk over together from school with myself or one of my assistants. We will communicate with their teachers/GAP. Students who attend GAP will be walked back to GAP at end of our session if parents have not picked up their child from the Church office. The children who do not attend GAP will need to be picked up inside the church office – there is a room to the left at the top of the stairs you are welcome to wait in. Due to how narrow the hallway is leading to the atrium – please keep that area open for the children.
Please pack your child a quick snack and a water bottle to bring to CGS.
That’s EVERYTHING for now! Thank you all, please reach out with any questions you may have!
In His Peace,
Miss Kait
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Let’s begin!

Dear CGS Families,

Thank you so much for beginning this journey with us at St. Pat’s. This is such an exciting time and we are thrilled to finally have the children in the atrium. No doubt this will be a beautiful spring of growth for all of us.

I (Kait) have decided to keep a bit of a running blog via our website. This will be a good way to record the beginnings of CGS at our parish and to keep all the information in one place (I certainly don’t need more e-mails, do you? Haha).

My plan originally was to have orientations this week and our first time as a group in the atrium on Monday, February 27th, but due to illness in my family I wasn’t able to schedule orientations this week – so I am going to shift to having orientations on Monday, February 27th. Please select a time via Sign Up Genius to sign up for your time. I’ve allotted 45 minutes, but I imagine orientations will only be about 30 minutes or so. If you have multiple children participating in CGS you only need to sign up for one orientation time.

If possible, please have both parents attend orientation. We understand due to the time of day this may not be possible, but we do encourage parents (grandparents, too!) to become familiar with the atrium. As we go through the year, there will be many opportunities for meaningful connection with your child via their work in the atrium. It is really helpful for parents to navigate those conversations with a bit of their own experience in the atrium. It wasn’t until I observed my own children in the atrium that I really understood what their “work” even was and how important it was to them.


Prior to your orientation, you may want to prep your child about what they will begin next week. Just a few words to get them familiar with the idea.

“Monday we will get to see a room at church made special, just for you!” / “Everything in the room was made just for you to use to know God more and more!” / “Miss Kait will meet us there to show us some of those special things.” 

Plan to bring your child’s atrium slippers with you to the orientation – this can be another conversation point to get the kids excited about atrium.

This weekend I will be having an open house of the atrium after the 10:30am Mass – you are welcome to come with your families to see the atrium- I’d love to meet all of you!

After orientations on Monday, we will begin our official year of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) on Monday, March 6th. We will meet in the atrium Mondays 3-4pm for the first 4-6 weeks and from 3-5pm after that.

Please reach out with any questions, email/phone/text OK (503-741-0980 – kait.the.catechist@gmail.com)

In His Peace,

Miss Kait

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