Dear CGS Families,

Thank you so much for beginning this journey with us at St. Pat’s. This is such an exciting time and we are thrilled to finally have the children in the atrium. No doubt this will be a beautiful spring of growth for all of us.

I (Kait) have decided to keep a bit of a running blog via our website. This will be a good way to record the beginnings of CGS at our parish and to keep all the information in one place (I certainly don’t need more e-mails, do you? Haha).

My plan originally was to have orientations this week and our first time as a group in the atrium on Monday, February 27th, but due to illness in my family I wasn’t able to schedule orientations this week – so I am going to shift to having orientations on Monday, February 27th. Please select a time via Sign Up Genius to sign up for your time. I’ve allotted 45 minutes, but I imagine orientations will only be about 30 minutes or so. If you have multiple children participating in CGS you only need to sign up for one orientation time.

If possible, please have both parents attend orientation. We understand due to the time of day this may not be possible, but we do encourage parents (grandparents, too!) to become familiar with the atrium. As we go through the year, there will be many opportunities for meaningful connection with your child via their work in the atrium. It is really helpful for parents to navigate those conversations with a bit of their own experience in the atrium. It wasn’t until I observed my own children in the atrium that I really understood what their “work” even was and how important it was to them.


Prior to your orientation, you may want to prep your child about what they will begin next week. Just a few words to get them familiar with the idea.

“Monday we will get to see a room at church made special, just for you!” / “Everything in the room was made just for you to use to know God more and more!” / “Miss Kait will meet us there to show us some of those special things.” 

Plan to bring your child’s atrium slippers with you to the orientation – this can be another conversation point to get the kids excited about atrium.

This weekend I will be having an open house of the atrium after the 10:30am Mass – you are welcome to come with your families to see the atrium- I’d love to meet all of you!

After orientations on Monday, we will begin our official year of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) on Monday, March 6th. We will meet in the atrium Mondays 3-4pm for the first 4-6 weeks and from 3-5pm after that.

Please reach out with any questions, email/phone/text OK (503-741-0980 –

In His Peace,

Miss Kait